• Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile
    Euro Truck Simulator mobile
    If you ever wanted to become a trucker, ETS2 Android is what you need to try. It also works on any iOS device available. All you need is a phone with either Google's or Apple's operating system and at least 1GB of RAM to finally be able to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile any place you want. This game is gonna rock your socks off once you experience the real lag-free ETS2 on your mobile device!

    In 2012 the gaming community has gone crazy about Euro Truck Simulator 2 - a trucking simulation game released by SCS Software. The game is about having a dream job of a truck driver. You begin as a low-paid trucker without his own vehicle and slowly climb up the ladder of success to be an owner of a company hiring dozens of workers. Today you can experience all this on your Android and iOS devices with Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile! The game has been optimized to run smoothly on all Android and iOS phones and tablets without having to worry about your company going bankrupt while you can't play. Now you can play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android and iOS anywhere you want and at any time.

    truck simulator 2 apk

    The official video of ETS2 Android

    What you should know about Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android
    Euro Truck Simulator apk
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android allows you to play the game without having to be connected to a computer or a gaming console. It works without any gaming platform. Just install the game and you are ready to go. It has been optimized to work with any phone or tablet with at least 1 gig of RAM to run smoothly, just like it does on a high-end PC. The optimization script takes care of all the graphics being rendered on your device both by CPU and GPU. Most of the data is downloaded OTA and stored in a small-sized cache to make it easy on your internal memory or SD card. This means the game only takes as much space as it currently required to play smoothly. Euro Truck Simulator 2 also allows multiplayer mode which is the answer to everyone's prayers. Who wouldn't want to play ETS2 Android on the internet!

    That special thing about ETS2 Mobile
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 for android
    Driving trucks in ETS2 is truly realistic. You have 3 kinds of views - driver's point of view, from the back of the truck and from the air. It has all the details covered - different kinds of lights, switching the steering wheel between EU and UK mode. It also has a huge map of Europe which you can explore any time you want in a free-roam mode. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile also includes such realistic features as speed cameras, traffic lights and police vehicles. If you go over the speed limit or cross the intersection on a red light, you are going to pay a huge penalty, just like in real life.

    Remember to keep your cargo secure and undamaged. Every damage to your truck or trailer costs you money. ETS2 Mobile is a game that will show you exactly how much it costs to make mistakes as a truck driver. But keep your head up! There is still a lot of fun things to do in the game. For instance, you can customize and tune your truck to meet your standards. You can change engine parts, add little details such as a mug on the dashboard of your truck. You can also add that special flair and customize the whole painting of your vehicle, change the rims and tires. It is all about the looks! So get out there and show the others how dedicated you are to make in impression on the road. Europe awaits.

  • WhatsApp Plus Apk 6.70 Latest Version Download For Android

    WhatsApp Plus Latest Download
    Download WhatsApp Plus For Android: WhatsApp is the one of the most popular & used application as it has more than 100 million users worldwide. It is an excellent source to stay connected with over loved ones. If a person owns a smartphone, It is not difficult to guess that he|she will be having WhatsApp installed in it. Only because of its popularity, every single smartphone user is now a WhatsApp user. It has taken a significant role in everyone’s life. We use WhatsApp couple of hours daily for many purposes likes chatting with friends, group business chats, calling, etc. WhatsApp has many amazing features, but some features are restricted which is very annoying. Therefore we are going to share WhatsApp Plus Apk download with an easy installation guide. Download link for whatsapp plus is given below (whatsapp plus latest) download whatsapp plus apk (whatsapp+ 6.70 apk)

    WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version For Android (2018)
    whatsapp plus apk download
    WhatsApp Plus Apk Download
    Version 6.70
    App Size 27.3 MB
    Required Android 4.0 +
    Package com.whatsapp
    Developer Abo2Sadam
    Last Updated 24 Dec 2019

    WhatsApp Plus App
    We had already shared the best WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp & YOWhatsApp, but we cannot exclude WhatsApp Plus from this category as it is very trending these days. Yes, WhatsApp Plus is another best choice for droid geeks if they are in search of a best WhatsApp Mod. It is modded edition which is based on the official version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp Plus has many amazing features like hiding last seen, bluetick, online status, theming and much more which makes it a lot better than official WhatsApp. It works with non-rooted devices and is much faster than other WhatsApp Mods ! whatsapp plus apk download latest version 6.70 for android 2018 (official)

    WhatsApp plus is the another best whatsapp mod with a ton of features and which is trending these days. It has outstanding customization options and many awesome themes which makes it cool. It has many features which other mods don’t include. WhatsApp Plus also provides daily theme updates which is another plus point. It is an anti-ban whatsapp mod. Therefore, no need to worry about account ban. whatsapp plus app android latest version free download

    Download & Install WhatsApp Plus On Android (Installation)
    install whatsapp plus on android
    Install WhatsApp Plus On Android
    Now I am going to tell you that how you can install & enjoy this awesome WhatsApp Mod on your android device. You just need a compatible Android device to install WA Plus which must be Android 4.0 or up. If you want to install WA Plus, you must uninstall the official version of whatsapp. The download link of the latest whatsapp plus apk is given above and at the end of the post.

    WhatsApp Plus is very easy to install. First of all download the latest version of WA Plus from the download link provided. After that, you can follow the step by step guide given below to install it on your Android phone. I will be sharing detailed instructions, so no one faces any issue while installing WhatsApp+. I have shared a video tutorial further.

    Installing WhatsApp+
    Your device must have unknown sources enabled in order to install whatsapp plus apk. You can do so by going to security settings of your device :

    wa plus android 2017
    WA Plus Android 2018
    After enabling unknown sources, open the downloaded WA Plus apk file & install it :

    whatsapp+ 6.01
    WhatsApp+ 6.70 Android
    whatsapp plus apk for android
    WhatsApp Plus Apk For Android
    Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp Plus on your Android device. Just fill your mobile number and register using the otp you receive :

    wa plus mod for android
    WA Plus Mod For Android
    Now set up your profile & you are ready to rock. You can start enjoying WA Plus & its features on your Android phone. You will love its amazing features which will take your whatsapp usage to pro level. Now you will be able to use whatsapp a much better than earlier as you will get many superior features like hiding last seen, hiding online status, blue tick hide, send long size media clips, message recall and a lot more. You can check some screenshots of whatsapp plus below which will give you an estimate that how awesome it is :

    download whatsapp plus apk
    Download WhatsApp Plus Apk
    whatsapp plus for android
    WhatsApp Plus For Android
    WhatsApp+ 6.01
    WhatsApp+ 6.70 Android
    features whatsapp+ 2017
    Features Whatsapp+ 2018
    wa plus apk download
    WA Plus Apk Download
    (Video Tutorial)
    If you still have any issue in installing WA Plus you can watch the detailed WA Plus installation video below :

    Send SMS
    Internet Access
    Record Audio
    Location Access
    Access Storage
    Access Wifi
    Access Bluetooth
    Access Camera
    Access Mic
    Access Background Tasks
    WhatsApp Plus 6.70 Latest Apk 2018 (Features)
    Talking about the features of WA Plus it has a ton of amazing features & mods that you are surely going to love. Along with pro customization mods, you also get best privacy mods like hiding online status, last seen etc. It has a lot more excellent features that you can only discover after installing it. So go ahead, install it & experience the best WhatsApp Mod. Here is the list of some top features of WA Plus :

    * Now you can send Auto reply with WhatsApp plus.

    * Privacy Mods for hiding last seen, second tick, blue tick, online status & much more.

    * You can recall & schedule your whatsapp messages using WA Plus.

    * Video Call – Do unlimited video calls with your friends and families.

    * Customization Mods Added – Style your whatsapp the way you like.

    * Make group invite links using WA Plus & let the people join through them.

    * You can use always online mod to show people online status even you are offline.

    * Updated base to the latest version of WhatsApp. (Update arrives monthly)

    * Change default whatsapp launcher icon with WA Plus.

    * Send any files like zip, pdf, apk, etc.

    * Get access to thousands of premium whatsapp themes.

    * Share HD images with your friends without losing quality.

    * Inbuilt lock – lock your whatsapp without using any app lock.

    * Disable voice calls for all your whatsapp contacts.

    * Share your themes with your friends & community.

    * Send media files up to 50 MB.

    * Status limit increased to 255 characters.

    * Different status for individual contacts.

    * Get notified of friend’s online status.

    * Chat backup while uninstalling.

    * Copy anyone’s status to the clipboard.

    * Much more to discover.

    Final Words
    This was an easy guide on installing WhatsApp+ on android. Now you will be able to install the latest version of WA+. Enjoy the best whatsapp tweaks & mods with WA Plus. It is updated monthly so whenever new update releases we will update it here. Therefore, you can also download whatsapp plus apk upcoming updates from our site. Bookmark this page or subscribe to site’s push notifications if you don’t want to miss a new update. Keep visiting ! If you want some more crazy android apps, you can find them on the homepage of my site.

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